The KIMBY Difference

Our Mission

Our purpose is simple, we set out to reimagine sports bras for larger cup sizes, designed for high impact movement, without compromising comfort or style. When you choose to wear your KIMBY sports bra, we want you to feel confident and supported.

Patent-pending Design

We don't believe women should have to replace uncomfortable breast bounce with an uncomfortable sports bra. Our sports bras are engineered with our patent-pending hidden band to minimize breast bounce while keeping them in a comfortable and neutral position.

KIMBY sports bras keep the girls secure, from your toughest workouts to your downward dog stretches, without the use of rigid materials, bulky cups, or wide straps that dig into your shoulders.

How does the HI-band work?

Our HI-band is positioned on the upper slope of your breasts and it rotates down the sides of your bust to reduce uncomfortable bounce, because bouncing not only happens up and down during plyometric workouts, but also in a figure eight motion (like the infinity sign) during running. The combination of our HI-band and premium performance fabrics deliver high quality, high impact sports bras that feel as good as they look.

Every KIMBY sports bra is made with top performance fabrics that offer lasting shape retention and strong compression, while remaining breathable, lightweight, and flexible. With proper care, your KIMBY sports bra is meant to last sweaty workout after sweaty workout. And because we didn’t skimp on comfort and style, you get much more versatility out of your KIMBY sports bra. Whether you’re pairing it with your favorite athleisure looks or hitting your favorite running trail, you’re going to get major mileage out of these sports bras.

KIMBY sports bras are ethically produced and hand sewn in Southern California by a small and wonderful team of experienced and dedicated sewers. With every purchase, you can feel good about the quality of our garments, as well as how they are made.

Like all the strong women that inspire us at KIMBY, we set out to break boundaries and create something new...and better.